Eat seasonally

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Eating seasonally means eating tasty and ripe fruits and vegetables.

Whenever we choose to eat seasonal food, we choose to eat healthy. Picking the vegetables and fruits when they naturally ripen from the plants means that they grew free from additives and chemicals, in particular if you chose organic products.

Furthermore, having a variety of food on the table means fueling your body with all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are so much needed.

Also, choosing the local seasonal products allows you to save money because you do not pay for the additional transportation, conservation, and productions costs.

eat seasonally

Moreover, when you eat seasonal you help to save our planet, limiting all the non-natural production of vegetables and fruits.

Last but not least, forcing yourself to try diverse and sometimes new food gives you the opportunity to look for new recipes.

And here it comes The Cooking Flower!

We always present simple, seasonal, and Italian recipes so you can bring to your table the freshness of vegetables and fruits without missing the greatness of good food.

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A guide to help you to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables.

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