Eating seasonally: how to get your free ebook

by TheCookingFlower

It’s gift time! Eating Seasonally is our new free ebook. We want to treat you to something special.

How to get your free ebook?

Only a simple step needed: subscribe to our newsletter and receive our “Eating Seasonally” for free!

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2. Get your free ebook “eating seasonally”!

Eating Seasonally is our free book for you! How does it work?

Here it is what the book is about.

“Easting Seasonally” means eating tasty and ripe fruits and vegetables.

Whenever we choose to eat seasonal food, we choose to eat healthy. Picking the vegetables and fruits when they naturally ripen from the plants means that they grew free from additives and chemicals, in particular if you chose organic products.

Moreover, forcing yourself to try diverse and sometimes new food gives you the opportunity to look for new recipes.

And here it comes The Cooking Flower!

We always present simple, seasonal, and Italian recipes so you can bring to your table the freshness of vegetables and fruits without missing the greatness of good food.

Last but not least, for every month you will find two beautiful images designed exclusively for us by Elena Tognato.

3. How to get your free book?

It is really easy-peasy.

Just subscribe to our newsletter with the form you find on the sidebar (on computer, or here below (from mobile). You will get an email with the link to download your FREE-EBOOK.

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A guide to help you to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables.

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